Covid-19 Response

SPLCMN Summer of 2021 Opening (Revised 5/25/21)

1. People who are vaccinated may mask or not mask as they feel comfortable

a. Masks will still be available at main entrances
b. Hand sanitizer will still be available at main entrances
c. Individual groups or ministries may certainly choose to remain masked as
they feel comfortable

2. Worship

a. Ropes stay up until July
b. Safe contact sharing of the peace
c. Communion will continue with small cups
d. Please fill out the connection card and give online through our secure app
e. Sanctuary offering will continue with large basket on the way out
f. No bulletins, busy bags, or pray ground available at this time

3. Meetings and Ministries

Our top priority is to keep our congregation safe while still serving God. Rooms
are available to all that were ‘temporarily suspended’, as well as to our current
renters. Small groups may to continue using online meeting options with virtual
meetings setup in the Lounge. Please contact Jeannine or Katie to reserve a room

4. Office Operations

The office will reopen on Monday, June 7. Until then, staff is working remote and
can be reached via email, text, or phone. Please contact the church office
763-571-1500 or the staff member directly. Click here for our team’s contact

5. SPLC encourages people continue to use healthy practices and thanks the
community for their participation in the vaccine program