SPDR Ready To Roll Books Project

Earlier this year, seeds were sown by Pastor Deb Grant whose church and congregation members were
impacted by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Pastor Deb stated, “Children’s books have a direct connection to
health. Children in disasters are particularly vulnerable. Books, in hand, read by caregivers make a
difference in their resiliency and ability to learn. People in evacuation centers because of fire or flood
don’t have children’s books. People displaced don’t have resources for children’s books.”

Those seeds have grown into a new SPDR project – called “Ready to Roll Books” – providing portable
libraries of children’s books ready to be deployed to evacuation centers, disaster shelters, disaster
distribution centers, long term recovery groups, disaster assistance centers, etc. during or following a

A “Ready to Roll Books” library will consist of a wheeled carry-on with a custom-made shelf unit inside.
It will be filled with 50+ assorted books for children. The books will range from board books for
infants/toddlers to chapter books for young readers. Once deployed, the books will be available for
caregivers to read to children and the children will be able to keep some of the books if they want.

Rev. Chris Markert, the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod Bishop’s Associate for Mission (including
disaster response) is very enthused with this project as it fits well into some of the disaster response
initiatives they are developing.  So, for the pilot program, 10-15 “Ready to Roll Books” libraries will be
supplied by SPDR to the Gulf Coast Synod.

With hurricane season officially starting June 1 (and the most active months being mid-August through
mid-October), we want to get rolling (pun intended) on this project and could use your help with the following:

1. Donate new or gently used books. Due to the size of the carry-ons, 9”x 9” or smaller books are preferred.

2. Donate a wheeled carry-on that is in good condition with working wheels, main zipper, handle, etc.

Books can be left in the “Ready to Roll Books” bins that are located in the Narthex and near Door #2 and carry-ons can be left next to the bins.

Any books or carry-ons that can’t be used for this project will be donated to St. Philip’s Garage Sale.

Thank you in advance for helping children impacted by disasters.