Become a Member

Welcome! We are so glad you found us!

Please feel free to visit with us as often as you like. There is no pressure for visitors to become members. Visitors can participate in any of our activities, except voting or holding an office. So, take your time, get involved, and get to feel at home.

If you choose to become a member of St. Philip’s that is great!

Joining a church means getting involved.  Make the most of your membership. Check out the many wonderful ministries offered through St. Philip’s and the opportunities to get involved.  Worship is the central part of our community, where we gather each week for spiritual nourishment and fellowship. It is where the process begins.

There are three different ways to join the congregation:

  • Baptism

-Persons who have not been baptized receive the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. Individuals may be baptized at any age.

  • Letter of Transfer

-Persons who are members of another Lutheran congregation may request a letter of transfer from their congregation.

  • Affirmation of Faith

-Baptized persons who are not currently members of another Lutheran congregation can join through “Affirmation of Faith.” This is a brief ceremony during a worship service in which new members publicly affirm their Christian faith and are welcomed into our congregation.

When you are ready to make that decision and become a member of St. Philip’s, please fill out our new member form. For more information email to or call the church office at 763-571-1500.  New member classes are held at various times throughout the year.