Serve on Sunday Mornings

Many individuals are needed to create a successful worship experience. Volunteer opportunities abound on Sunday morning for adults and children. Please consider participating in one or more of these opportunities. (Click on each opportunity below to read a description.)

Unless otherwise noted, email to or call the church office at 763-571-1500 to volunteer.

Assisting Ministers

The assisting minister is the lay person who stands with the pastor at the altar, leads the congregation in the liturgy and prayer, and dismisses the congregation at the end of the service. Volunteers are scheduled on a rotating basis at the service of their choice.

Coffee Servers

Volunteers make coffee before the 9:00 a.m. service and set up the coffee stations in the Gathering Corner. They are also responsible for cleanup once the 10:30 a.m. service begins. Written instructions are posted in the kitchen. Volunteers usually work in pairs on a rotating schedule based on the number of volunteers available (approximately seven times each year).

Communion Servers

Communion servers have the privilege of sharing the bread and wine with the congregation during worship. Volunteers who serve at the 9:00 a.m. worship service prepare the communion trays and those who serve at the 10:30 a.m. service clean up afterwards. Volunteers are scheduled on a rotating basis at the service of their choice.


Lectors read the scripture lessons from the lectern during worship. Volunteers are scheduled on a rotating basis at the service of their choice.


St. Philip’s has a notable musical tradition, with the basic mission of praising God through voice and instrument. Here is a place to worship through musical excellence, while experiencing wonderful community. With vocal and handbell choirs, the contemporary worship band, and a need for occasional instrumentalists and substitute organists/pianists, there is sure to be a place for every musician.

Click here for more information about music at St. Philip’s.


Ushers are a vital part of each worship services. Their main tasks are to hand out bulletins prior to the service, gather the offering, collect prayer cards, direct people to communion, and perform a quick cleanup of the Sanctuary after worship. Usher teams of 6-8 men and women serve for one month approximately twice a year at the worship service of their choice.