Companion Congregation

Lutheran Church of Christ in Bille, Nigeria

In 2006, St. Philip’s entered into a Covenant relationship to partner in ministry with the Lutheran Church of Christ Nigeria in Bille, Nigeria (LCCN Bille). Members of St. Philip’s made two visits to LCCN Bille before the threat of Boko Haram violence forced suspension of travel to Nigeria.

We pray faithfully for each other and partner in three ongoing ministries:

  • a nursery school
  • an elementary school
  • an Evangelist who serves a remote area of Nigeria

Special joint projects have included bed nets and education to fight malaria and a community well for safe drinking water.
St. Philip’s children contributed to roofing the nursery school building. Check out the Global Missions bulletin board near the Nursery for the most recent communications from LCCN Bille.